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  • The Spot Downtown, Galveston
  • Outlines Menwear Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Cathedral of Hope Oaklawn, Dallas


  • stevo100
    stevo100 reviewed Cathedral of Hope Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Perverts and cooks
    90 percent of the people that go here is made up of Fd up cooks from little hick towns. I don't see anything Christian about these people. I'm 19 and good looking. Most of the other young guys that go there are ugly. Maybe this is why they like to talk so much smack about me. I went to the 20 something's and ate dinner with them afterwards and they were Fing terrible! They don't know how to act or treat people the least bit. I thought that I had a friend at this church, but he talks about me behind my back not even a foot away from me. The only people that introduce themselves are the really old guys that stare at my Fing crotch and ass the whole time. Wouldn't be surprised if their in the national man boy love association. The give me the creeps. I went to tell Jo Hudson that I enjoyed the survive and she gave me this Fd up look. Then, put on a fake smile, hesitated, an said oh I'm glad you liked it..awkward..what a biotch! I had a headache on the last day that I went there, so I layed on the chairs in the fellowship hall for a little bit during the 11 o clock survice. I had already attended the 9 o'clock, but I didn't want to get out and catch the bus until the headache was gone. This JA had the audacity to command me "you need to get up now mason." my name isn't Fing Mason! And you don't tell me what I need to do!! I left totally POd and never went back to that damn nut house.

  • stevo100
    stevo100 reviewed Outlines Menwear Over a year ago
    Loves it

    friendly staff and cool clothes
    A lot of these clothes are very form fitting, which I like. Love their shoes. The staff was very friendly and professional too.

  • stevo100
    stevo100 reviewed The Spot Over a year ago
    Hates it

    not a gay bar!
    It was mostly straights I only saw one gay man and one lesbian in the whole place