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    Mr. Russia is Confused
    We were hosting a party at hydes and he signed up on adam for adam he never showed up from our party list. We don't think he's ever been there, if he did show up he got a $ 10 locker and walked around for 10mins. cause no one at our party saw/talked to him. How many bad things can happen to one person? Just read his reveiw, his car was broken into, he witnessed fisting ( where in the hallway), he found bedbuds( in a bed he slept in? Give me a break this guy needs to get a life. Did you see how many places he has reviewed its like he has nothing to do but hurt & judge others talk about a hater. Do the rooms on the web site look like a dive? Its in an old building they are trying to renovate. I give them credit for trying. Mr Russia got an std there ? Did he did not play safe or inspect what he was playing with? He forgot to say he went there cause he went to a sex party. So is Hydes Supposed to give everyone of its customers an std test? I guess bars do that and you give someone you meet on line for sex an std test before you play with them. Our party was in a play room not one of the guest rooms. We use Hydes cause it gives us a safe place to meet and play. With out having a stranger come to our homes. Then he made the commment about they don't like blacks either where did that come from? Is he a black Russian, I have black friends that go there. To get in you call and apply for a membership. Is that so hard. There is so much hate out there against our community and we have guys like this in our community putting out more hate. Sad, Sad, and shame on you Mr. Russia you must be a very unhappy person. I feel safe at Hydes they are private, and go through a lot of trouble to protect the guys that go there for some discreet fun. I have never had a bad experience there. We are lucky to at least have a safe place. Its not the Hyatt but they are trying. Thanks for reading my opinion. I just don't believe the things some people think they can get away with.