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  • W Hollywood Hollywood, Hollywood
  • Midtowne Spa Downtown, Los Angeles
  • West Side Club Chelsea, New York
  • Petit Ermitage West Hollywood, West Hollywood


  • sopleed
    sopleed reviewed West Side Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Went there on school night to kill time after bar before my flight, spent all night but couldn't find a single guy to hook up with. Crowd was very thin and not friendly, the entire facility was just bunch of rooms and nothing really else. Staircase to something on the floor below was closed with police tape, so ill never know what was there... They DON'T accept credit cards, cash only. Come on now, 21st century in New York and cash only? I might try some other club instead next time I'm in town

  • sopleed
    sopleed reviewed Midtowne Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    my favorite!
    I always have lots of fun when I come here. Exotic mix of men. Some are in good shape, some out of shape, so everyone can find something they like. Every room has a TV, something you won't find often. The only complain I'd have is that video room always has some of TVs not working. But overall I'd recommend it and just don't keep you hope up, you're not gonna meet there a models but they have plenty of dick and ass :)

  • sopleed
    sopleed reviewed Petit Ermitage Over a year ago
    Loves it

    fancy but nothing special
    I'm not a fan of this kind of hotels where they were just remodeled apartment complex onto it. Lobby is way too small.

  • sopleed
    sopleed reviewed W Hollywood Over a year ago
    Hates it

    worst W hotel in the world!
    I do love W hotels as well: been to NYC, Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta but this one is not the one... Bar patio has horrible and lazy waitresses so as bartenders, they're so Hollywood, they forget who pays them... Rooms are great but don't expect to get any sleep: there are gonna be stupid bimbo girls and their bfs yelling coming out of Drai's every night until 3-4 am. If you forget your room key, good luck getting through dickheads by the front door in the hotel entrance at night: if you didn't drive up in expensive car, they won't let you in the lobby :-/ what can I say? W Hollywood sucks. My choice is Rebury hotel across the street