72T. I am a really nice guy with tattoos on my head and I just love to dress in women's cloths. I don't wear wigs and refuse to shave my goatee. So I dress trippy and fun. I'm not out trying to meet lovers I have too many now. As far as friends - I can always use more. I love to play with women who share my passion playing fun dress-up. My girlfriend of 10 years is also into joining me on play dates.

San Francisco, California
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  • Aunt Charlie's Lounge Tendernob, San Francisco
  • Cinch Saloon Polk Street, San Francisco


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  • sister660
    sister660 reviewed Cinch Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun Fun Fun and Nice too
    This is a great spot with a friendly bar staff and a party like crowd. This is the kindda place where you can go alone or with a group of friends. I like the dance music on Fridays with a very old fashion drag show. I would say Fridays is the most party night with Saturday very laid back pool shooting crowd. So if you're an old drag queen like me or new meat on the block this is where your Polk st. night should start and your Fridays should be spent.

  • sister660
    sister660 reviewed Diva's Nightclub & Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good fun some creepy men and some cute guys
    So I went to Divas in "drag" and had the best time. Plenty of room to dance a great bar to sit upstairs and the T-girls for the most part are very nice. I think the best way to go to Divas is with a group of friends and dance the night away. All lifestyles are welcome and that's more than you can say about most Gay bars now days. Here your welcome if you're a t-girl or just out in drag enjoying wearing women's cloths like me. I had on a great outfit the T-girls told me so all night no wigs or make-up just my goatee and a head full of tattoos. I would say if your into t-girls this is the place to go, if you just like to dress like a girl, you can and will have a lot of fun in a friendly environment. Hope to see you there soon