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  • Northern Men's Sauna Queens, Flushing
  • Spa Castle Queens, college point
  • King Sauna Palisades Park
  • sinep2222
    sinep2222 reviewed King Sauna Over a year ago
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    Wow, great place
    King Sauna is a amazing place. It is a trip around the world to enjoy the wonderful Korean culture. This spa is modeled on the traditional Korean public baths and saunas. The Men's locker room is on the 3rd floor. It is clean and well lit. off of the locker room there is the wet area that consists of a Steam Room, Dry sauna, a hot pool, a very hot pool and 2 cold pools. standing and sitting showers, lounges for resting and a body scrub area. This area men only and nudity is mandatory. Also with in the men's locker room is a Asian sleeping room. (you sleep on bamboo mats directly on the floor. The floor is heated and is amazingly comfortable. ) a barber shop, a lounge and massage rooms. on the ground floor is the Women's lockers. The Second floor is expansive. it is coed and you wear their uniform. a tee shirt and shorts. on the second floor you will find unique specialty sauna, tv rooms, games, computers, drinks, food, and resting areas. The place is really high class and very pleasant. This is not a gay bathhouse and it is not a place for sex. The other guests were mostly Korean. But plenty of white, Hispanic and African Americans also.The ages of the guests were from 5 to 90, But most seemed to be in their 20s and 30s(Sunday afternoon visit) All body types. Again this is a great place to relax and enjoy being naked. This is not a place for sex. I did meet 3 other men who were interested but it was not the place.

  • sinep2222
    sinep2222 reviewed Spa Castle Over a year ago
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    Spa Castle is heaven. It is a classic Korean spa. The locker room and men's wet area is on the ground floor and nudity is mandatory. It is not a "gay" bath house. it is defiantly family oriented with ages from 3 to 90. Mostly Korean but with a nice mix of others peoples including many Russians, Jews plus Hispanics, blacks and whites. Again this is not a place to have sex. There is some discrete action from time to time in the sauna or underwater. It is a great place to relax and be naked.

  • sinep2222
    sinep2222 reviewed Northern Men's Sauna Over a year ago
    Loves it

    This was the first time I had ever been to a gay bathhouse. I guess the man behind the dirty window who took my $10.00 thought I looked out of place because he asked me if i knew where i was. I said yes and he gave me a condom, some lube and a small white towel.I entered the dimly lit hallway and immediately found the locker room. It was a Sunday afternoon in September and it was very crowded. I undressed in the small locker room. The was a handsome Hispanic man who was dressing to leave who complimented me as I took off my underwear. I double checked my lock, put my towel around me ( this seems to be the thing because everyone else was walking around with a towel around their waist. I did want to fit in) There must have been 50 men in the spa. All ages, shapes and sizes, mostly Hispanic, some Asian and Black and a few white (I am white). I walked around and explored the 2 TV rooms, there is a little gym with a old machine, a pool table, a group shower and bathroom and a sauna that has been closed by the board of health. In the back there are the private rooms. most had the door closed, the others had the doors open with guys waiting for a hook up. There was plenty of staff. One problem they have is NYS law prohibited sex in public spaces of the club. You must be in a private room with the door closed. I walked around checking out what was going on. In the porn room about 6 guys where watching two where playing discretely. I finally hooked up with a hot young Hispanic guy. Yes the place is grungy and old and could use a serious makeover but it was also basically clean and the clients where very genuine and varied. Being my first gay bathhouse I cannot compare. I will probably go back.