56. Love to cruise (Caribbean) and travel... LOVE the hot spots in DC, Philly, NYC, Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale, Miami/Key West, Denver, L.A., San Francisco and recently Atlanta. Would love to check out some of the hot spots in Las Vegas and Toronto and revisit the ones in California.

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    sdsnaturist reviewed FLEX Spas (Flexbaths)
    Over a year ago

    GREAT weekend!

    Headed to Atlanta for the first time for a weekend in October. Stayed at Georgia Tech Convention Center & Hotel, whose parking garage is literally right across the street from Flex. VERY convenient! Friday night visit went VERY well -- took a little while to get used to the layout, but rooms level AND lower (wet/sauna) level were very nice. GREAT mix of patrons. Saturday visit was overshadowed by a body-painting extravaganza down by the pool involving about a dozen porn stars... some VERY cute twinks, but they all appeared to come partnered! Still a nice night overall!