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    scorpiomale reviewed Oz
    Over a year ago

    Boring....boring...and more BORING

    Ok...Maybe it was because I went to OZ on a Monday night (11/8). Could it have been any more BORING!!! The place was practically empty and the music was too damn GAY for me. Hey Oz..The word is VARIETY. You should try to play music that caters to ALL ethnic backgrounds. After all, this is New Orleans. The drinks were overrpiced and weak. I ordered a Jack Daniels w/coke and lime and watched in disgust to see 85 percent of it was Coke. I shook my head as the bartender poured. I'm sure the only between difference between a Monday vs. Friday is more people. I finally couldn't take that CHAPPY, GAY music and went to party at the straight clubs. Oz..You need DIVERSITY!