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  • Halifax City Center (Indre By), Copenhagen
  • MR CHAPS St. Georg, Hamburg


  • scolson93
    scolson93 reviewed MR CHAPS Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fabulous selection, great second-hand finds
    For being a basement boutique, the store is actually pretty extensive, and has a solid selection of leather, rubber, and neoprene. I was happy to see such a big second-hand selection as well--as a student, I can't afford the new stuff. I found a pair of Levi's leather 501s for a fraction of what they would have cost new. They're in great condition--they could have been on the other side of the store, and I doubt anyone would have noticed. The owner is knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. Even gave me gummi-bears with my purchase.

  • scolson93
    scolson93 reviewed Halifax Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Friendly service, delicious burgers
    I've had a lot of really good Burgers before, but this has to be in at least the top ten. You can tell the owners have invested a lot of time and creative energy into their restaurant. The selection is creative and interesting, all the food is incredibly flavorful and delicious, and the service is incredibly friendly and accommodating. There was a bit of a wait before I got seated, but it was totally worth it.