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  • Pro Shop Pub Clearwater, Clearwater
  • The Colombian Hotel Darlinghurst, Sydney
  • Trade Club Darlinghurst, Sydney
  • sassoondenver
    sassoondenver reviewed Trade Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gotta Question
    Are all Aussies though UNCUT

  • sassoondenver
    sassoondenver reviewed The Colombian Hotel Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Very Sad About This Club In Sydney
    Sorry to read this about this Club, I wouldn't return back to this Club. Gays can find other Clubs that are treated well & respected.

  • sassoondenver
    sassoondenver reviewed Pro Shop Pub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Pro Shop Pub In Clearwater, Florida
    My experience visiting The Pro Shop in Clearwater was not to my expectations. I went there, Planning on a wonderful visit, And as soon as I walked into the Club, There was a Major brawl taking place. A customer was screaming that Customers had stolen his money he left on the bar while he was using the bathroom. I tried to overlook that situation & move forward. I did use the bathroom @ The Pro Shop, And I felt the Sanitation did not meet the needs of the Patrons. Drinks did appear to be quite expensive, And hustlers were noted begging Customers for free drinks. How can someone have a pleasant visit there, If this type of conduct is going on. I hope in the future, That this Club would alter this sort of Atmosphere, And make its standards alot better for everyone to enjoy their stay 2 The Pro Shop pub in Clearwater, Florida. The part that Shocked me while visiting there, Was the Regular Daily Customers made unprofessional remarks about New Customers Apperal, And I just did not enjoy the brief visit. The only request I ask of this Bar, Is clean the glasses that your drinks are served in. Sanitation I feel is quite important. Other then that, My best to this establishment of being open for many years. YOU CAN revise the outcome of what people think of their visit, and Polish a new attitude of the Regular Customers making snide remarks of the Upper Class Customers that visit this Club for the first time.

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    sassoondenver reviewed Parliament House Over a year ago
    Loves it

    To All My Gay Family Worldwide
    The PH Hotel has been around for many of moons. It would be a sad day to see it leave. Stop & think about it people, some of your tricks that you bring to your room, I am sure that after the sex was over, You have smelled worse odors. The rooms are clean, Its not The Grand Cyress Hyatt, But the trade is festive. gay bars have been in bad areas for quite sometime. Do the right thing, and support The PH, Give them a chance to restore & remodel things to your likening. Rent a room, Help the PH make money & stay in business. People, Don't discriminate against our own Gay family. And remember to bring your Condoms with you. Its a sexy, Crusing place to enjoy. Bring your lovers, You all can have fun.