Stephen Stephen, 55. I taught a German Shepherd to bark in Spanish!!! I can cook 30 minute meals in only 20 minutes. I've written award winning operas in every language of the world plus 5 I don't speak. I can tread water for days without getting my hair wet. For an extra kick, I spike my after shave with a kick of battery acid. I'm a talented harpsichordist who brought audiences to tears with my rendition of the "Thong Song". My roundhouse kicks have broken a million bones but my smile has broken 10 times as many hearts. I'm an average citizen yet I receive fan mail. My week is only six days long because I refuse to recognize Monday. I can boil water in 90 seconds with my microwaving corneas. When I compare apples to oranges, they are equivalent. Edward and Jacob are on Team Stephen. At the end of the day, however, I'm a great guy looking for my prince. Is that you??? :)))

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    sanesteban reviewed Sebastian Street Beach
    Over a year ago


    Love love love love LOVE this beach! Lots of friendly guys and tons of eye candy! A trip to Ft. Lauderdale wouldn't be complete without visiting this beach!