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    salv.bloom reviewed Aigle Noir
    Over a year ago


    I cannot give it a lower rating because gaycities won't allow it. PLEASE: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY/TIME IN THIS DISGUSTING ESTABLISHMENT. Nothing stands to mind when it comes to this place but the extremely aggressive manner of the night bouncer. Go here if your idea of customer service/appreciation is being violently pushed out the door and then pushed off again when demanding an explanation. I was so displeased, insulted and harassed by the staff that I waited 30 min for the police to come after I called 911. They, of course, sided with the bar and claimed it was normal "bar" behaviour. In my opinion these people should be absolutely ashamed of the treatment they give their generous patrons and I will never give them another penny. This bar is nothing but a disgusting sham of a gay bar where if you look at someone the wrong way you will be pushed aside (LITERALLY). Think twice before you sponsor bullying and harassment, and hopefully never come here anymore.