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  • Faultline Bar Silverlake, Los Angeles
  • Eagle LA Silverlake, Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Spa—North Hollywood North Hollywood, North Hollywood
  • Flex Los Angeles
  • Midtowne Spa Downtown, Los Angeles
  • Slammer Silverlake, Los Angeles


  • safesexbottom
    safesexbottom reviewed Midtowne Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Recent Visit to Midtowne Spa Denver
    The club is clean. Great Welcoming Staff. Prices are very reasonable and not confusing like other places with all types of different price add-ons. You either pay for a room or a locker and an annual membership fee of $4.00 and that's it. I visited on a Friday night and found out that I happen to go during one of their very popular Mask Parties. I actually had to wait for a room for about 20 minutes. It was literally sold out of rooms that night. The club was packed during this event. Take my advice guys, this club is the place to be during their mask party. I was sore for the rest of the weekend. Keep up the great work guys. I look forward to my next visit. I may have to schedule it around your next party.

  • safesexbottom
    safesexbottom reviewed Midtowne Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Midtowne Spa Los Angeles
    Another Update 02/28/2014: Went to the Black Out party they have every last Saturday of the month. Wow!!! Packed with lots of horny ass guys eager to play. I was only in the club 15 mins before someone was standing by the door to my room asking to come in and play with me. I enjoy the sexual energy the club gives out when all the lights are turned down. Everyone enjoying themselves and just having fun. I'm happy to say that I left the club with a very sore hole... :-) Update!!! Had to go and check out the Pool Party they had this past weekend. I must say, I had a awesome time. The food was great, the pool was very refresing and the wall to wall men there were damm hot...and the fun continue well into the night with the BlackOut party right after the Pool Party...once again, I never leave disappointed when I visit this club. It's just ROCKS! Finally! The pool and Jacuzzi is Open. I have to say, very nice job Midtowne. I jumped my sweet ass in the Jacuzzi to relax my tight butt muscles before I headed up stairs, lol. Love the light display in the corner. The pool was warm and refreshing and the Jacuzzi had some really great jets that did an amazing job on my back and my sweet cheeks. Great Job guys!! Keep making improvements and your club will be become the bathhouse to visit when your ass is starving for attention. Can’t wait for the pool party later this month. Can I reserve my room NOW?

  • safesexbottom
    safesexbottom reviewed Eagle LA Over a year ago
    Loves it

    as for the bar...loved men... good times here...

  • safesexbottom
    safesexbottom reviewed Faultline Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    This isn�t the ABBEY; you won�t find your A&F
    Packed on Sundays for beer bust and to bust a nut too�. Hot men, cheap drinks (strong ) and some of the hottest bartenders wearing nothing but a jock. Place can get crowded and everyone starts grabbing cocks and asses. Will return....agian and again and again...

  • safesexbottom
    safesexbottom reviewed 1350 Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    hot night!
    Overall best club in town. Went in, got undress, took a quick walk to see who was here, went back to my room.If you get into that type of mood and you�re seriously looking for a quick no strings sex, then by far, the 1350 Club is where you should go. Club Review: Visited here over the weekend. The staff is great, entry fee is reasonable. Cute employees (love the cute Latino that walks around cleaning the club�cutie!) No club attitude encountered. Love the club dance music that was playing. Enjoyed the van outside. The club manager is a hoot, very friendly and helpful. Group showers, sauna and steam room were kept cleaned and sanitized, again by the cutie pie employee working. Sundeck was closed due to the rain last night. Rooms are clean and secured. Nice colored television sets to watch porn on. I mostly played in my room or outside in the van, I did see lots of action in the dark room upstairs and the private glory hole booths. Will be coming back real soon,