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    Veranda at the Eagle different than expected

    the Veranda at the Long Island Eagle in Bay Shore brings in a friendly mixed LGBT crowd. excerpts from their website.... Five years ago, we set out upon a major course correction for the bar. At one time, the customer base consisted mainly of mature & hirsuit men, the leather/levi crowd, and the big-bellied boys. We made it our mission to set this bar down on the map as a destination that attracted the aforementioned as well as Drag Queens, Twinks, Women - both Str8 and gay, the growing latino community, and to top it off - Str8 men. Laughed at by some and scorned by others, we were assured that we'd never succeed and some were even placing bets on how quickly we'd go out of business. In nearly every other market or major city, each one of these groups had their own bar and rarely, if ever, did they overlap or co-exist under one roof. We refused to accept that our melting pot approach was doomed from the start. Some tough business decisions were made. Unhappy with this necessary revamp, groups like The Long Island Raven's which had called the LI Eagle home, withdrew their long time affiliation with and support of the bar. We were only too ready to bid farewell to anyone or any group who brushed up against our vision for the future of the bar. A major overhaul of the once dank & seedy patio into a serene, comfortable and inviting space for everyone was crucial to our plans. This meant the elimination of certain activities, tent events and parties sanctioned by the previous mgmt but bordered on the obscene and were in direct violation of county health codes and state liquor authority rules & regulations. A pond with a trickling waterfall was installed. A long and curvy stone wall was added with seasonal flowers & lush greenery. This wall also doubled as seating. All new wrought iron furniture with bright and cheerful cushions and pillows decorated the space. Finished off with mirrors, wispy gauze drapes, bamboo design elements, coordinating market umbrellas and awnings with both up and down lighting - And viola... VERANDA at The Long Island Eagle was born.. Drink prices are very reasonable, staff is friendly.