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    rstoermann reviewed All Worlds Resort
    Over a year ago

    Guests are extra

    The place has cleaned up a lot since I last stayed here, so my initial impression was good. No towels in the room and took 5 minutes of running water to get hot - not exaggerating - I had to talk to one of the house keepers who told me to let it run longer. Turns out you can't have any guests without paying for the $25 day pass, even if it's only in your room to play around for a half hour. Even though I was staying alone in a room with a King and a full bed I could only have one guest from Friday to Sunday. Be nice if they advertised that up front. You'd be better off renting a regular hotel room at a much lower rate and just paying the day pass if you wanted to see the resort. Hotel guests aren't bad, but don't expect to see more than 1 or 2 guys less than 40 years old.