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Cuernavaca, Mexico
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  • Fun Hog Ranch Downtown, Las Vegas
  • 11:11 Club El Centro, Cancun


  • rrgallo
    rrgallo reviewed Fun Hog Ranch Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not very enticing
    I was there last Saturday (Dec. 21). Got there at around midnight. Not many people. By two am (when I left), tehre were even fewer people. I don't know whether it was the holiday season or what but expected it to be alive, which it was not. This seems to be a bear joint, which is fine by me. Not big nor particularly stylish. It seemed more like a neighborhood bar. Reasonaly well located (like 5 minutes off the strip between Wynn and Palazzo hotels) and there was a happy hour...$4, lots of beer. It would be good to try their underwear nights as there were many bear hotties

  • rrgallo
    rrgallo reviewed 11:11 Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice place to spend a nite
    I just went to 11:11...quite modern decor, young crowd, nice go-go boys and a comfortable darkroom...Many ladies, though; and some of them even peak into the darkroom or simply cross it as it is a passageway between the two dance areas....Nice addition to Cancun nightlife....

  • rrgallo
    rrgallo reviewed Karamba Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Karamba has improved
    I just went to karamba after a 4-year gap...It has been re-decorated and looks MUCH nicer than before. Beer and drinks are reasonable priced and there was a nice drag show the day I went..obviously in Spanish...Some tourists....Nice atmosphere and music!!!!! The day after there was a white-party but I didn't go....but I menyion it to show there is variety...