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  • 801 Bourbon Bar Duval Street, Key West
  • Aqua Nightclub Duval Street, Key West
  • Island House Old Town, Key West


  • roblet37
    roblet37 reviewed Island House Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Worth the visit
    I didn't stay here, but visited here a few times during my vacation in Key West. You can actually buy a day pass for 25.00 and its good for 24 hours. You can use all the facilities just like a guest including the gym, sauna, pool, etc.. It can be as cruisy or not as cruisy as you want it to be. I found the staff at the front desk and at the pool bar to be extremely nice and very welcoming. The place is ultra can smell the bleach from the time you walk in. The food was also very good and you can go there just to eat if you want (and not have to pay anything) Definitely worth the visit

  • roblet37
    roblet37 reviewed 801 Bourbon Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not worth the 10.00 cover
    Atmosphere in AQUA is much more casual and entertaining. They charge 10.00 for the show (not negotiable) and the second you walk up there, they push a tip bucket in your face and they are very aggressive with the bucket after every performance. I totally get that they work from tips, but when you are already paying 10.00, let it be an option. The few nights I was there this past week, it was totally dead. They would do a lot more business (in drinks) and make a lot more in tips if they waived the cover (at least during the week). I know these performers work very hard and they deserve to make more money.

  • roblet37
    roblet37 reviewed Aqua Nightclub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great Place
    Just got back from Key West and went to Aqua three seperate nights..Kudos to them for doing something for the earthquake victims in Haiti. Key West is a small island and they realize that it could have been them as well. I actually met the owner (Jill) and she donated her condo up in the panhandle at the silent auction to help support the cause. Everyone was extremly friendly and the drag show is better than 801 Bourbon St. My only complaint is that they don't advertise a cover charge anywhere and each night I was there (depending on who the person was out front) the cover was different. It was pretty frustrating. One night when I was told it was 15.00, I walked away and the guy came running after me and said that he just spoke to the owner and that I could get in free tonight...Good thing he did this because I dropped about 50.00 or so on drinks. I actually sat near the door and watched while some poeple paid a cover and some people that walked away were told they could get in for free. I wound up not having to pay a cover and had an AWESOME time. Just tell them to ask for the owner (Jill) and she will most likely let you in. Have Fun