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  • Rigby's Bar and Grill Rehoboth Beach



  • reirph
    reirph reviewed Rigby's Bar and Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very Good but not Partner's Bistro
    9/1/09-Totally different atmosphere than when Partner's was in same building. Partner's was more laid back...this takes itself more seriously..not bad just different. Food was very good...priced similarly to other restaurants in town...crabcakes were good but again fell short to the ones served by Partner's. Would go again but miss the fun atmosphere from Partner's

  • reirph
    reirph reviewed Adriatico Ristorante & Cafe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fantastic Food!
    We went to Adriatico in late August 2009. The food was fantastic as always. I had Chicken Cacciatore which was wonderful. The rest of table had Chicken Adriatico, Seafood Marinara and Lasagna Florentine. All received raves from my partner and our friends. Best after dinner coffee in Rehoboth too, Only complaint and obviously not the fault of the restaurant...seems every time we go there we seem to be near a large family all yelling at each other which hurts the atmosphere but the food makes it worthwhile.