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  • City Cafe Mount Vernon, Baltimore


  • redrockers
    redrockers reviewed City Cafe Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The Charm Is Gone
    The recently renovated City Cafe is a total disaster. The prices have gone up up up so it's no longer a reasonable burger (now over $11) and Beer ($6.50 for 14oz draft). Let's face it, the food was never that good. Fair at best but you went there cause it's gayer than anywhere else in town and you got two experiences. The dining room for drinks and food and the cafe for coffee and free wireless. Well now you HAVE to spend $5 for an hour of access and all the charm of the floors and furnishing have been replaced by those butterfly chairs that only homos with culturally enforced antiseptic taste would pay the $300 a chair at Pad (silly furniture store in fells point). The Martinis are still big and the service is still faux friendly, like that trick you nicely said goodbye to and then ripped up his number before you got in the car. So locals will go cause where else can you cruise before 10pm and tourists will continue to go cause otherwise Baltimore is a damn NON gay town. Just go knowing it's a gay restaurant not a good restaurant.