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    reckoner reviewed The Lookout Bar
    Over a year ago

    Horrible Attitude and Service

    My boyfriend and I were visiting his family in Ottawa this past July. He doesn't drink and was meeting up with some friends at The Carleton in Westboro. So his sister and I decided to go because I heard this place was pretty cool on Thurs. nights. Boy was I wrong. Before we even walked in we were looked down with attitude by 2 queens for no apparent reason. The bartender wasn't much better either. She ordered a sprite and he gave her the dirtiest look ever. When I ordered my pitcher of beer he wasn't pleasant at all. We continued to get some weird by lets face it, not the best looking guys ever. So I decided to slam my pitcher and we decided to go back to The Carleton. Where we were treated much better and frankly had a better time with it being a straight pub. This place is 86'd from my places to go back to when I go back to Ottawa.