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  • rameses
    rameses reviewed The Den Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Its time has past
    This place used to be located in the Decatur area and was a hot place to be on Friday's and Saturdays back in 2010. Nice selection men and always sex. However it was shut down due to to zoning issues. It reopened in Atlanta off Cheshire-Bridge Rd. It is in a cavernous facility with all the amenities one needs. But the clientele has gotten to be more trollish and caters more to old out of shape dudes. The only night really worth going is a Sunday during their BUTT-NAKED NIGHT and you will see decent dudes only because its $5 for the 1st 25 dudes or during the pride weekends. The owner submits false reviews on his website making it appear as though the club is busy.. Its mid-day sessions are a waste of time and money. he may have a total of 5 - 8 guys none of which are worth it. You would be better off going to peek a boo or Insurrections. This club is no longer hot. most of the homegrown parties have taken over...