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  • QUADZ Palm Springs Arenas Road Area, Palm Springs
  • Highlands Resort Guerneville, Guerneville
  • Canyon Club Hotel Downtown Palm Springs, Palm Springs
  • Steam Portland Northeast, Portland


  • peteajr
    peteajr reviewed Wang's in the Desert Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Friday Happy Hour maybe but for dinner??...
    Save your money. The food is ok not stellar and on the pricey side. The service? Mediocre at best. The place on Tuesday wasn't crowded yet it took a while to be greeted and order drinks. Took even longer to place our food order and about 30 minutes to finally get the food. To top it off one of the entrees was not what we ordered.

  • peteajr
    peteajr reviewed Canyon Club Hotel Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Stayed before, will stay again
    My husband and I have enjoyed staying here a few times most recently in April 2017. The beautiful pool has been repaired and is now heated making it quite comfy. The dry sauna is now working. The grounds are quite nice and the rooms are nice too. The staff is friendly. Visitors should check this place out.

  • peteajr
    peteajr reviewed Taqueria Tlaquepaque Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Authentic Mexican food
    I've been to this place several times and have had a good meal every time. PS locals eat here. Most recently I had a combo plate with a soft beef taco and a chorizo tostada. The rice and beans were delicious as well. Forget the long wait at the downtown mex places. This is the place for Mexican food.

  • peteajr
    peteajr reviewed QUADZ Palm Springs Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Our favorite PS Bar
    It's our go to place when we visit. The staff is so very friendly. And the videos are most enjoyable. Show tunes nights are a blast.

  • peteajr
    peteajr reviewed Krash Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun place, good time had by all
    Ring the doorbell and the fun begins. The bar itself isn't large but the bar isn't the mainatrractin. Get a drink check your coat watch some porn then head downstairs. Dark but not too dark. Men in various states of undress but not too crowded. Enough group action to keep it interesting. Participate or watch; no attitude here. I would definitely go back. (A cautionary note: whenever you're in a place like this be protective of your valuables. I put my wallet in my sock. And had no problems. Just use your common sense. ) Krash is also reviewed in the bathhouse section.

  • peteajr
    peteajr reviewed Highlands Resort Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Area not what it used to be
    The gay community doesn't pack Guerneville as it once did and people have to make a buck. I guess my beef is that the hot tub is 'patrolled' frequently. Perhaps the city is behind this. (notice that the hot tub at R3 has been removed because the city made it so difficult for the new owners to have one). I miss that sexual energy. Despite all of this Highlands is a nice place to stay. I do like the clothing optional pool. The owners are doing the best they can. I've heard they are looking to sell it.

  • peteajr
    peteajr reviewed Club Jacksonville Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Get over the age thing!
    It doesn't matter which bathhouse you go to, there will always be older men there. And this place is clean; I don't know of any bathhouse that is squeaky clean. The place is a gem for those living in and around Jacksonville. The sun deck alone is worth the price of admission. It has a terrific indoor pool, a nice jacuzzi, a HOT steam room and enough gym equipment. No porn in TV room (Jacksonville law?). If the younger generation would learn to co-exist with their elder counterparts everyone can end up having a good time. I was visiting for a b-ball tournament and went to Club Jacksonville two days in a row (didn't find much else to do) and had a terrific time. All my needs were met. The music was like stepping into a time machine (70s/80s) but a very nice change from the usual thumpa thumpa (which I like as well having once been a club DJ). Don't know if the music changes at night. And there were some younger hotties in there and all seemed to be having a good time. I recommend this place (and others around the country/world like it). Just be aware that the bathhouse culture includes men of all ages. Make a great time for yourself. Make use of the sun deck and other amenities. Places like this are few and far between. Close your eyes and use your imagination if you have to. Play safe. Peace.