John Harrington, 32M. I love to travel but when I am feeling lazy I love to stay home and read books. I think Edmund White, one of whose books I just read called City Boy is a great writer. Sometimes I read in Spanish, French, Italian, to keep the juices flowing. No, not those juices. The ones above the eyebrows, thilly.

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  • Picante Bar El Centro, Cancun
  • peninda
    peninda reviewed Karamba Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Depressing ......... really the pits
    This place is really unbelievable. The owners must think they can offer any crap they please and call it a gay bar. Zero maintenence. Probably hasn't been swept out in months. The decor is almost non existent. The thatching of the roof would be a charming detail if it were not so worn and shabby looking. The clientele leaves much to be desired. It consists of two groups, hustlers who do not bathe, ever, and nellie queens who call each other princess. I wish I could say something nice about this place but I left it feeling so depressed that I have to admit Karamba has no saving graces ... none at all.

  • peninda
    peninda reviewed Picante Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Happy in Picante
    After spending too much time on the beach two weekends ago, it was wonderful to find Picante. One of the waiters is kind of fat but the others are quite handsome and they treated me great. I wanted to get into their underpants, but I met a great guy from Mexico City and went back to his hotel with him. Picante is an amazing place for cruising but you have to go on the weekends ... and quite late, say about midnight, because they are open till 5:00 in the morning and the two nights I was there it was crowded. Picante is kind of unusual because it is clean, even the toilets are clean.