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  • The Bar Complex Downtown, Lexington
  • paul_kr
    paul_kr reviewed The Bar Complex Over a year ago
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    Here are some grains of salt, and then a review
    Take a couple of the reviews below with big grains of salt: these are fans of another Lexington club who have taken up the latest round of bashing the Bar Complex and the people who go there. It happens every few years whenever new clubs open. Back in the day, it happened with Breezings, Club 141, Liquid and others. Now, it's coming from Soundbar and Pulse's crowd. New places are always so great, so wonderful...until they close, Pulse being the latest casualty. (And anyone who would actually give the Bar Complex a one star is lying to skew the ratings. It's just untrue and the Bar deserves a higher rating. The Bar Complex was nationally recognized by Out magazine as one of the nation's top gay clubs. One star? Give me a break.) So, the Bar Complex. Gigantic. Fantastic dancefloor, lightshow and sound system. The drag show is good for a city this size and has a strong fanbase. The Bar did have occasional light crowds in 2009 and 2010 due to multiple competitors opening...and was slow to respond...but 2011 has seen a strong return in crowds. Fridays can be light, but on Thursdays and Saturdays, the crowds are strong, diverse, entertaining, and most definitely not "ugly." Lovely attitude for the reviewer to have, though.