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    partygirl1216 reviewed Southern Nights Orlando
    Over a year ago

    Dont Go There Girls!

    I have been to this club time and time again. I have recently moved and came back to visit and I had the worst experience. We paid at the entrance and went to stand in line at the bathroom. While standing in line there were two girls taking pics and in the stall which had everyone complaining. So we graciously went in to do a 2 for one to speed up the situation. We heard a male voice...thinking it was one of the guys from the club saying one at a time and they ONLY said it TWICE.....(but his argument was the ones that were being so retarded and had been in there for 30 min taking pics came out when he said to come out WOW) so the girls holding the line up went out, and WE who were peeing fast to hurry the line up got kicked out of the club by some 450 lb. guy on a trip for no reason because he got the wrong people. seriously. We tried talking to everyone but no one would listen to us and we brought about 15 ppl with us to the club, way to go revolutions. I will never be back and I hope anyone I know never comes back either.....ya'll are discriminating and disrespectful. Thanks for "your former loyal customers"