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  • Casita Del Campo Silverlake, Los Angeles


  • paradiseguy
    paradiseguy reviewed Cafe D' Etoile Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Why Cafe D'Etoile
    I've been going to Cafe D'Etoile for what seems like forever. The menu needs a bit of an update as well as the well worn decor, but, I've never been let down here. The food is very good and consistent. The drinks are strong and the conversations at the bar never disappoint. It was once considered and "old mans" restaurant but lately it seems everything old is new again and the crowd is hipper. Make a reservation for a table on Friday or Saturday night as they are always busy. Oh and the service is always very good.

  • paradiseguy
    paradiseguy reviewed Casita Del Campo Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Why Casita?
    I've never understood the allure of Casita del Campo. I find it's among the worst Mexican food in L.A. It's highly overpriced for what you get. Yes it's campy. Yes it's gay. The margaritas are ok, but don't make up for the poor food quality.