Roger Olson, 63.

Amman, Jordan
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    olsrl reviewed Voyeur Nightclub
    Over a year ago

    What a joke

    I moved to Philly 3 years ago from Chicago(amazing city) under total protest. Wanted to find a club that could trancend me and was told to go to voyeur. The place is dumpy with nothing of interest. Nothing lighting and local D.J.'s that seem to listen to the radio all day and spin what they heard in the evening. They do occasionally get a real D.J. from out of town that can blow the roof off (Sal Dano, Eddie Ellias,wow) but thats not often enough. After 1:30 it ends up being 65% women and 30% amateurs. Not at all a world class nightclub. Overall Philly is a garbage dump and if you want to go away don't spend your money there because if you know the club life you"ll be wasting it. Try Atlanta,Chicago, Miami.