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  • The GLBT History Museum The Castro, San Francisco


  • noraasllim
    noraasllim reviewed Truck Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I always feel at home here. Great people watching, friendliest bar staff, just don't bring your homegirl on Tuesday night. It gets a little blue.

  • noraasllim
    noraasllim reviewed The GLBT History Museum Over a year ago
    Hates it

    long way to go
    I visited this space last night and was really let down by what I saw. As a history museum, it fails on many levels. So many aspects of our history are under represented, such as Compton's Cafeteria riots, Stonewall, and the impact of the AIDS epidemic. A museum such as this should feel obligated to present the entirety of GLBT history, and really question the educational value of it's exhibits. Gay youth and the uneducated deserve more information, not a series of old matchbooks, a box of sex toys, and and old map of cruising locations. Now that the doors are open it is time for this place to reach out to larger institutions to beef up its collection and make it more meaningful. I was interested in the slideshow of historic candid photos and the oral histories, but again these things need to be expanded beyond a single screen and one pair of headphones. A great deal more information is needed on why the objects they have displayed are there. Congrats on existing, but I learned almost nothing from my experience here and honestly I found it to be a bit embarrassing.