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  • Jackhammer Rogers Park, Chicago
  • Touché Rogers Park, Chicago
  • The Toolbox Bar Upper East Side, New York
  • Club Try-Angles Central, Salt Lake City
  • Silverado Pearl District, Portland
  • Brass Rail Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis


  • nd_native
    nd_native reviewed Touché Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I loved this place. Made my first visit, not only to Touche, but to the leather scene in general. I am hooked. The back bar was very cruisey, lots of action, hot and sweaty, men of all types from cute little twinks to large muscled leathermen, and bikers, cowboys, and everyone in between. I cannot wait to visit again. I'll have to get a room nearby so I can stay until 5am. I had to leave early to drive back to MKE. Poor planning on my part.

  • nd_native
    nd_native reviewed Jackhammer Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not what I expected.
    From reading the profile descriptions on various websites, I was expecting leather and levi bears and cubs all over the place, especially when I visited the connecting leather and fetish store. I found a lot of very sexy and cute little twinks, all dressed very pretty and trendy. I'll still come back, the staff were extremely friendly and made me feel like i've been a regular for years, the decor was clean and inviting, kinda trendy, and the twinks are pretty to look at, but just not what I expected.

  • nd_native
    nd_native reviewed Brass Rail Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Posh and exquisite
    Ive visited Corner Pocket in NOLA, Silverado on PDX, Tool Box in NYC, this by far the most posh male strip show...but I kinda like the sleaziness of the other joints. I the dancers stepping over my drinks as they wiggle the goods in my face... these boys dont know how to make me feel special and spend my money on them. But the place is nice and clean, like a martini bar... okay so after I paid for the coich dance and the VIP dance, I have to give a different rating... the dancers do indeed know how to get the tips. I am a fan! (i still enjoy the sleazyness of the other places I mentioned)

  • nd_native
    nd_native reviewed The Toolbox Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very Friendly Crowd
    I visited from South Dakota. The crowd was friendly and diverse, the staff were friendly. The dancer on the bar was hot. Perry the bartender/owner was very nice, learned my name and hooked me up with free drink. The DJ, Dylan, was cute and flirty, and nearly naked. Brian, the dancer, new how to work the crowd. He was still friendly and chatty even after his shift. Skylar, the other dancer, had a fan club. The local customers introduced themselves, and made me feel like part of the group. I had a great time, definitely checking in again next time I'm in NYC.

  • nd_native
    nd_native reviewed Club Try-Angles Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Friendly Crowd
    I stopped in because of all the positive reviews on this site. I am shy and introverted, so I didn't really make new friends, but the video chat screens were fun, and I had fun posting messages on the screen. The crowd was friendly, and though I kept to myself, I really did enjoy my visit. I was disapointed in the selection of drafts, I like dark lagers and they didn't have any. I plan to visit again during my visit to SLC, and whenever I have business here in the future. :)

  • nd_native
    nd_native reviewed Silverado Over a year ago
    Loves it

    thanks guys!
    This was my first visit to a male gogo bar. The boys were hot, and very friendly. The people were all friendly, made me feel at home, except we don't have anything like this in North Dakota.I really enjoyed myself.