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  • Le Tango Beaubourg, Paris
  • mysteriouscow
    mysteriouscow reviewed Le Tango Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Visit Le Tango The thrill box, you'll be happy :)
    A nice place to meet cool people and the owner, Madame Hervé is a really kind person. You'll find there -as seen on their english part website- " a merry mixing of genders: so gays, lesbians, non-homophobic heterosexuals, of any age, mix together and dance on any kind of music, from accordion music to Dance Music, visiting all musics of the world, pop or disco (in fact, any music, except Techno Music). " It's true, not expensive at all (7 euros for the entrance and 4 to 7 euros for the drinks) and if you come earlyier in the evening you can even learn to couple dancing ! No dress code needed but you have to smile because Madame Hervé only like smiling people :)