Myron Rogers, 61M.

Jacksonville, Florida
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5 Loved Places


  • In Cahoots Downtown, Jacksonville
  • Park Place Downtown, Jacksonville
  • Kickbacks Downtown, Jacksonville
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Upper East Side, New York


  • reviewed In Cahoots Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Smart Lady and good Business woman
    She has a fun wild club but keeps it under wraps. It's like Florida's take a Gay version of on Coyote Ugly.

  • reviewed Metropolitan Museum of Art Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Metro a great place
    The Metro is a great place, have only had one problem there. First time I was ever asked to purchase alcohol to get a glass of tap water in a bar was in the Rainbow room at Metro. When I asked the bartender wanted to know why I was sweating... had just got off the dance floor. So if you miss that discriminating treatment from the straight world, it is possible to find it in the Rainbow room.