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Zürich, Switzerland
Joined Dec 2013

    Horrible drug addicts, arrogant staff, filthy.

    From the rude unfriendly doorman/wardrobe man upstairs, up untill the oblivious, arrogant bartender downstairs this pseudo DIY style "club" was a big dissapointment! Only few old, homless types of people cruising and some of them quite annoying and intrusive, mixed with local drug addicts and male prostitutes. I don't reccomend this horrible dump full of cigarette smoke you can't see your own hand. Avoid!

    Rude arrogant angry staff, totally empty sauna with old people only, needs renovation badly.

    Horribly rude and arrogant staff at the entrance! I've never met more unfriendly rude and angry old bastard that gives you attitude for no reason the minute you walk in and say hallo. To which he doesn't even responds and barks commands at you. Mind you this is not a BDSM establishment, but a mere sauna for relaxation. Besides the nasty welcome from some frustrated idiot the place is seedy and EMPTY. This filthy little sauna that desperately needs renovation is located away from the centre of Prague in a quite dangerous and abandonned looking dark neighbourhood that looks pretty dangerous after dark. We didn't feel safe returning back in the evening. So I don't reccomend at all. There are far better well kept and managed saunas in Prague!