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  • Sun Trapp Rio Grande, Salt Lake City
  • Wolf''s Den Syracuse


  • michaelmt1009
    michaelmt1009 reviewed Wolf''s Den Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I read about Sunday Brunch on Facebook and went there. Aside from excellent food and a great brunch, the staff was warm and friendly. I highly recommend this place.

  • michaelmt1009
    michaelmt1009 reviewed Sun Trapp Over a year ago
    Hates it

    first time
    This was my first time in SLC, had a difficult time following directions. Finally found Sun Trap entered was greeted very nicely by the doorman. Sat at the bar and was not even given so much as a hello mostly got what do you want, got my drink , tried to make conversation with the bartender but he was just consumed with himself and the other bartender. I walked around the bar and was checking out the back area where was a band playing and lots of people outside, I walked through the door and was immediately approached by an older woman who told me in no uncertain terms that it was a private party and I needed to leave. I apologized and said that it was my first time in the bar and I was just checking it out. I got no response from her just an hand on my arm and a push towards the door. Went back to the bar ordered another drink from an different bartender but got the same lack of enthusiasm from him too. Apparently they do not like new people in their place. I finished my drink and walked out the door. Once again the doorman thanked me for coming in and wished me a good night. Perhaps they should put him behind the bar because at least he had a pleasant personality and understood customer service. I have to return to SLC in a few weeks but I will consider spending my time or money at this unfriendly club.