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10 Loved Places


  • Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook) Highlands
  • Paradise Tel Aviv
  • Covent Garden Health Spa Central, London
  • Rio G SPA Men's Club Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro



  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Ga'ash nude beach Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Beautiful spot for naked sunbathing and hot action
    There are very few outdoor places where you can combine all the pleasures of life. Ga\\\'ash beach is one of them. The beach is secluded enough to give a sense of intimacy. Because of that it attracts guys who not only like to sunbath naked but also have some fun right on the beach. Make sure you bring plenty of water with you and put a good sunblocker. The sun is very strong and can burn you in an hour if you are not careful. The beach is 20 km north of Tel Aviv.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Industry Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great bar where you can actually can meet friedns and relax
    This new venue is relaxed, with good music, expensive drinks and good looking boys. The space is nicely arranged into different areas so you can do whatever you like: chat, play, watch the show, have a drink, kiss a boy or have sex. Everything in one place. That is quite unique in New York.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Natural place for naturists
    The beach is in easy reach from Manhatan although the ferry price is quite steep. The trip takes 45 min and costs 46 USD return. The beach itself is covered with gold sand and is very wide. Clothing is fully optional so you can either walk all natural or dressed in your newest swimwear. There is a mix of people coming. Lots of them are enjoying their retirement but there are also college students and professionals. The crowd is mixed both straight and gay. Water is a bit chilly but after you get use to it you can enjoy a good swim.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Paradise Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Friendly and filled with sexy guys
    Dry sauna can fit 5 guys and the steam one can fit some 15 guys but do not worry there will be always a place for you because the guys do not spend much time in either of them. Sauna is only a pretext after all. There is quite a spacious jacuzzi and you can observe the action in the jacuzzi through a glass window sitting in a dry sauna. Private beds are military style - one on top of the other. Privacy is created with a small curtain. In the central area there are further mattresses you can relax on and a nice bar with friendly barmen. The crowd is mixed with the majority of sexy young guys.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Paris Gym Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Place to work out
    This is certainly a gym where you go to work out and not to cruise. There is probably the best selection of machines and free weights of all London gyms. The guys in the gym are dedicated to their routines and muscle building than to anything else. If you want to shape your body this is definitely the place.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Covent Garden Health Spa Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Small sauna attracting mainly tourists
    The sauna is very conveniently located in Covent Garden area, with discrete entrance and nice ambience inside. Steam room and dry sauna are very small. Last time I was there the steam room had a temerature of a freezer and the big jacuzi stank of chlorine. It's difficult to find handsome men there but you can still have a nice relaxing time.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed To Nem Ai Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The best place for evening drink and snack
    This a newest bar on the gay street in Ipanema. A lot of guys are coming here for their evening drink and snack before they go to the clubs. Waiters and the owner are super friendly and it is easy to get to know locals in this bar.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Le Boy Fitness Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Sauna with young gay crowd
    I discovered this souna when I went to the club Le Boy. The sauna is just above the club and provided a perfect space if you want to continue clubbing with a guy you pulled in the club. The sauna is clean, with steam and dry rooms, plenty of social spaces and private cabins. There is a lot of young guys coming to the sauna.

  • marcostefano
    marcostefano reviewed Rio G SPA Men's Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fantastic sauna
    I went there few times during my stay in Rio. The staff is very friendly, place is clean, and lots of hot guys come for their after beach fun. Sauna is on 3 levels with good size of steam and dry saunas. Unique for this sauna is a big flat screen with gay / bi porn in dry sauna area. You will also get clean flip flops and towels at the entrance. You need however to bring your own condoms and lubricant if you want to play safe. There is a strong prejudice against fat, ugly, and old men in Brazil. They are advised to go to saunas with escorts.