34M. Hi! I want to make some friends! I'm going to E.U.A. soon. Las Vegas and New York. I hope to find someone to do a tour and introduce me to the American lifestyle . For now this is, I talk more about me later. Nice to meet you all!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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  • Ipanema Beach Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
  • Confiteria Colombo Centro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Fashion Show The Strip, Las Vegas


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  • marcellomallet
    marcellomallet reviewed Ritz Bar and Lounge Over a year ago
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    best in NY
    Hi. I'm from Brazil. This place is the best one to go. Enjoy the happyhour and the club at night. Nice music and not too old people there. THe best one!

  • marcellomallet
    marcellomallet reviewed Fashion Show Over a year ago
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    nice, but that's all
    ok... the premium outlet is better

  • marcellomallet
    marcellomallet reviewed Las Vegas North Premium Outlets Over a year ago
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    very cool. beautifull, and confortable. cool to spend the afternoon. All shops treat you right and sellers are very helpful. Least in Lacoste. A woman tried to rob me in return for noticing my confusion with the coins.

  • marcellomallet
    marcellomallet reviewed Confiteria Colombo Over a year ago
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    The best!
    For those who want to see the old Rio. Considered one of the best sweet shops in Rio is a good place to go because the tourist has the opportunity to meet the City of Rio de Janeiro, which has great historic buildings. The square fifteen is a center of culture and politics. With the chamber of councilors of the city, the municipal theater, national library and national museum. It is worthwhile to know and tour the center. Taking advantage of course to give a quick week in Colombo Confectioners. I recommend the chocolate eclair.

  • marcellomallet
    marcellomallet reviewed Ipanema Beach Over a year ago
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    Gay - but not only
    Unlike many cities, Rio de Janeiro is not only a place frequented by gays. The Ipanema is considered the most friendly place for gay people. But only one street attracts mass gays Cariocas - Farme de Amoedo. The Farme (as the locals call it) is very nice and good restaurants. Lots of beautiful people, day and night. During the day it is possible to attend the only beach that accepts homosexual physical contact without the dirty looks. But sure to be near the Farme. Even in Farme Amoedo and possible presence of homophobic attitudes, couples had been thrown out of restaurants because they are kissing. Despite these points against, Rio de Janeiro offers for gays around the world to feel good in touch with nature. I only wrote this review to point out that the Rio de Janeiro may have been voted the best city gay-friendily, but still has a lot to improve. Enjoy Ipanema, Ipanema beach and the Farm! I'm sure will not regret it! I speak as a native.