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  • lily420
    lily420 reviewed Albuquerque Social Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    if only if only 18and over
    I'm sure this place is great as iv seen lots of reviews about this, i pass by all the time and wondered, but as i am 19 i cannot. two more years and then i can join this gay community that flourishes yet nothing but bars bars and more bars, no simple hang outs or real social clubs, just 21 and over bars, it seems theres no place to hang out and make friends with people like yourself unless you want to get drunk aswell. Idk if you can have 18yo+ thursdays or some shit but it would really be nice to find gay people to hang out with other than resorting to Facebook or craigslist where everyone there just wants a hand job and to leave... looking to not be friendless these next two years as my supposed friends abandoned me after finding out I'm queer, peace and love...