Los Angeles, California
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    This is the absolute worst hotel I've ever seen and experienced. This is definitely a catfish hotel so don't trust the pictures on the website or travel sites. A real life version of Chilligan's Island from that episode of Martin. I went for a week vacation with my boyfriend. Right when we got there the entry lobby is already dirty with a chandelier covered with dead bugs. We were immediately disappointed when we got to the room because it looked nothing like they advertised. We had to change rooms to get one with a king bed. So the elevator doesn't work, the hallways are dark and scary, the rooms have no phones, no safes, no irons or anything. There's random holes in the walls, ceilings and doors. The balcony had a nice view but covered in bird poop and I had to scare away a bunch of pigeons to enjoy it. Then we noticed a tiny roach on the bathroom ceiling and it crawled in a hole above the light, which let us know that there would be more in there. We left to walk around downtown for dinner. The street feels sketchy and dark at night. When we came back we had to fight a gigantic black dragonfly that was on our room door. We finally killed it, went inside and found a fat cockroach in the bathroom. At that point, my boyfriend had had enough and wanted to leave. The employee at the front desk said we couldn't check out until the next morning but he would give us a bigger room and inspect it for bugs himself and he did. However, when we got to the deluxe suite, we found a dead bug on the bed! The next morning we wanted to check out and a refund. We talk to one of the managers named Shalom. She was telling us they can't give us a refund and that no one has had bug problems here, which is hard to believe since we were standing under their bug chandelier. She seemed to be lying about a lot of things as we were discussing things with her and refused to give us any money back, said we couldn't contact the general manager Jesus, and wouldn't give us a copy of our documents and complaints. I really don't recommend coming here. They are scammers. We ended up checking out and going to the Marriott for the week and had an amazing rest of our trip.