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  • kodiestarland
    kodiestarland reviewed Canyon Club Hotel Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Day Pass Slut
    I've only been here on a day or night pass, and have never stayed over, so take that into consideration here. I have many fond memories of Canyon Club, and it's a great place to come with a lover or friend. When the honeysuckle is in bloom around the jacuzzi (March-May), the scent is paradisiacal. Good looking guys here, though most are with partners. Most of the guys however, are willing to sneak away from their significant other for a few to do you in one of the nice Italian style lawn chairs (that are actually on a lawn) in the pretty and expansive side garden, which has a hedge maze and a picturesque, gurgling koi pond. . I've had a few quickies there with wandering husbands: "I'm just going to get some fresh towels honey" (he got the "fresh" right). The water amenities are quite nice - a sauna that's fresh and smells nice, a very nice steam room, a beautiful pool and the aforementioned jacuzzi. They have a fun play room and the best porn in Palm Springs. (And I'm not even much of a porn watcher). The front desk staff are really affable and actually interesting and at times I've chatted with them for an hour or more. Old movies often play in the comfortable lobby on a big screen t..v. Oh! And the playroom also has a bed that's very clean! Favorite Canyon Club moment: I had been hanging out in the sling a lot last year (refer to review title) and one day while visiting Canyon Club on a day pass I ordered a pizza and asked for it to be delivered to the resort.. The charming owner of Canyon Club (who's still handsome at 80!) said to me, "Shall I send the delivery boy to the USUAL place?" : O P.S. Canyon Club, though sometimes sexually charged, is not at all trashy or dirty - quite the opposite. It's very clean, and very nicely appointed, with hints of the upscale even.

  • kodiestarland
    kodiestarland reviewed Koffi North Palm Springs Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very Good Food and Drink, Boring People
    The back lawn is beautiful and it makes one happy just to be out on it. If you come from back East or up North in the winter you'll wonder why you ever deal with all of the cold and ugliness as you sit in the warm sunshine in a beautiful large courtyard with a great lawn, trees, and flowers. The drinks are very good - the coffee can send you through the roof. One cafe au lait and I'm jabbering for hours like a crackhead. Good place to work - free internet and always some indoor tables available where you can spread out for hours if you want to. Lots of people to see, but no one really interesting - boring folks gossiping or talking about real estate, and badly dressed - the standard attire is something quite horrible - khaki shorts and a baseball cap. Yikes! Palm Springs' old days of glamour and intrigue are surely dead - replaced by middle class styles and values. I mean, in the last year or so of going there, I have not seen one woman in her 70's or older with obscenely copious amounts of eye makeup and multiple plastic surgeries. You know the type. The eccentric multimillionairesses who used to hang out with the gay crowd. (And this place is VERY gay). Nope. None of that. Nowadays it's no makeup and running shoes and all the gay guys are extremely conservative bores. Sad what's happened to Palm Springs.

  • kodiestarland
    kodiestarland reviewed Cafe Flore Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Still Cooking
    I went to this place last week after a long, long time away from SF. The cramped nature of the eating area reminded me of New York, and so did the cloudiness of the day outside - I think every time I've been here the weather's not been fine and I've sat inside. The proximity to your neighbors can be a good thing though, since you might strike up a conversation with the muscle cutie whose elbow is touching yours. The coffee is excellent, and the food is very good. The staff is unfriendly at first, but easily disarmed, as if they're just waiting for a smile to open them up. Did I mention that the coffee is excellent? And they offer it to go also. Cute guys with dogs sit outside and sip and altogether the crowd is a nice mix of male and female, young and old. I found myself wanting to talk to the older ones and ask them if they knew Sylvester. One gets the feeling that there are some great stories and interesting people behind the worn faces here - I suggest trying to get a stranger to talk after you've cranked yourself up to conversation level on their coffee.

  • kodiestarland
    kodiestarland reviewed Club San Diego Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Like a Drug Bazaar
    The main event here is lots of crystal methamphetamine dealers who are also addicts plying their wares to one another - pretty pitiful to witness. I say it's like a bazaar because each dealer will lead you into his room and show you his goods. Besides that there are lots of guys walking around with no eye or other contact and no real interaction. There were a few sexy guys who didn't appear to be brain damaged methamphetamine victims, but there weren't enough of these to make it possible to call this a good experience. The jacuzzi room is dark and has a nice ambience and my friend and I enjoyed this, but were soon interrupted by sad cases who were all cranked up and clicking their jaws and snapping them and talking too fast and too much the way meth addicts do. Is it clear yet what this place is about? Maybe they should change the name to Club Methamdiego.