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    kleek reviewed Georgie's Alibi Monkey Bar
    Over a year ago

    Having already posted several other reviews of varying opinions on the Alibi one might be of the mind that my thoughts may bounce around a lot, but restaurants and bars are forever changing and in keeping current, my reviews merely reflect those changes. The Alibi basically remains the Mecca of the gay bars of Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale. It's the one most tourists, seasonals as well as resident gays make a point of at least stopping in at. In fact it's liquor sales are reputed to be the equal of all the other area bars combined. Their food, especially their burgers, particularly their "Champ"(my favorite) and their "Knock Out" are some of the best. The opinion on that is not only my own but that of the Fort Lauderdale Burger Cook Off judges as both were first place award winners. However, the Alibi has cut back on few of their offerings that made them a unique standout amongst other gay bars with food offerings. The size of the chicken wings used are now smaller, not nearly as big, plump or juicy as the once were. What was the Monday flat iron steak is now most often not being served but when it is, not as big or thick as previously. There are no more top of the line meal nights of Florida stone crab or lobster. Hence, though I still find the Alibi to be really good, I can no longer go a "Wee Hoo!" it's an as good as it gets place.