Oscar Rincones, 59M. Poz since 1985; only recently started on meds...fully disclose to all obviously. I'm in Atlanta, GA temporarily, perhaps. 48 years old, laid back, jeans and t's guy that loves dinner gatherings, the outdoors, fireplaces and fire pits, water (lakes, beaches, etc.), love music, cajun food, spicy food, mostly eat healthy. Love to play pool, darts, dancing whether disco or country, live music events, community festivals, and gatherings with my SGI Buddhist friends.

Portland, Oregon
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  • Eagle Portland Northeast, Portland
  • C.C. Slaughter's Downtown, Portland
  • Kruz Bar Harbor View, Milwaukee


  • justozcar
    justozcar reviewed Kruz Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Friendly, Frolicking, Fracking good time...
    Kruz has two caring owners that hire wonderful bartenders to attend to a usually wonderfully friendly crowd. I miss this place, there isn't anything like it anywhere else I've lived....

  • justozcar
    justozcar reviewed Starky's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good Food, Great Drinks, Funky Good Crowd
    My favorite place to lounge...great for Brunch or any meal...food is generous and tasty, Tim the bartender is cute and hilarious, owners are very sweet and they have a great patio.

  • justozcar
    justozcar reviewed Eagle Portland Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Naked Pool and Bears!
    Great place to find real, earthy folks that aren't ashamed to be real and are tolerant of the variety of men available. Negative...the service is usually slow and the music tends to be bartendar's choice as opposed to having a good selection of more leather themed music...very often it brings the mood down. Positive - great for Sunday's bear busts and a great patio to smoke in, love naked pool!

  • justozcar
    justozcar reviewed C.C. Slaughter's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Fun MIXED Crowd
    Okay, the dance floor is not "huge", but then the bartenders are not assholes either. OH, you can't smoke in bars in Portland any longer either. Drinks are strong, service is great but the crowd is a bit too mixed for my taste...the straight drunk girls that come in from Darcell's are a bit intollerable some nights. Big negative, great music but they don't usually use the light show...what's the point of having great lighting equipment?