61M. I am a Clinical Social Worker and love what I do during the day. My work covers a very broad spectrum in the field of helping people through challenging times from the experience of death and dying to helping young people come out to family members. When not working, I spend pretty close to 100% of my time with the love of my life, Jimmy, and our two fur babies, Bailey (dog) and Aria (kitty). We are what some people consider "middle aged" but we consider ourselves to be at the beginning of something new in our life experience everyday. We found each other very magically-- but that's another story. We both believe that God knew our lives apart were full of enough drama-- and quite frankly, pain and isolation-- that it was time to gift us with love like we'd never known before. We thank God everyday for causing our paths to cross.

Clearwater, Florida
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    This place is fun-- it always just seems like one big party to me! Great music, great dancing, and just a place to hang out...