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    jsmartinii reviewed Steam Portland
    Over a year ago

    Tuesday Steam Hot Because We Weren't creeping

    Friend and I went to Steam last night with a very specific goal in mind.Our first time. Weren't sure at all what to expect. Once inside and out of our clothes, we investigated the layout. At first glance, we could tell there weren't many clients. And many of the ones that were there were a little creepy, seemingly walking in circles. Not our problem. We settled into a couch near the showers, watched some porn and began playing. Later we took a walk out onto the sun deck. A balmy 55 degrees allowed us to have our own private time outside as cars rushed by below on 84. Still later we made our way to the hot tub and relaxed our muscles. Wandering back to the couch by the showers, my friend remained on the couch while I went into the sauna. It is awesome. I went in several times. Long story short, someone else came in, asked if they could touch and I informed that tonight was my friends time. Going outside I introduced the two, we all went back to a room and the party got even hotter. I realize it was only Tuesday, so I hope the guys walking in circles all night were an anomaly...very creepy as my friend said a couple times. We didn't feel threatened, but it was kind of distracting and weird. Definitely going back on a weekend, and this time it's my night