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    jpgs311 reviewed Industry Bar
    Over a year ago

    DO NOT GO TO INDUSTRY! Last night my friend and I were denied re-entry to the bar from the smokers area (after being inside for at least a couple of hours) because one of the security guys thought we were skipping the line. We tried to talk to the guy, show our IDs, explain that we were in (our coats and friends were still inside), but he refused to let us in again because we were being too smart with him. We decided not to insist and call our friends (who were still inside) from the sidewalk. He came back and told us we couldn’t be on the sidewalk either. After trying to explain to him that sidewalks are public space he threaten me and harassed me for my accent, telling me I didn’t knew how to behave in this country. After this I decided to just cross the sidewalk, he followed us just to let the security people in the bar next door don’t let us in and kept going calling us names because we had an accent. Good to know that the people they hire in this place to protect LQBTQ community are still xenophobic and violent, you’re doing great honey...