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  • Downtown Olly's Downtown, Indianapolis
  • Gregs Indy Mass Ave, Indianapolis
  • johnnya2
    johnnya2 reviewed Downtown Olly's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    To say this place is different is an understatement. The decor reminded me a trailer park chic. The menu was dirty and needed some updates. The food was average. The bartenders were friendly. One thing that will prevent me from returning is how smokey it was. If you allow smoking you need to have better ventilation than this place has. There were rude customers blowing smoke at me while I ate. The bartenders were smoking while making drinks (cigarettes hanging out of their mouths). The one bartender was sweating profusely and had soaked through his "bear lover" tshirt. He was lighting his next cigarette off the previous one. These guys were delivering food to people. That is unacceptable. I wanted to like this place and its quirkiness, but the execution was lacking

  • johnnya2
    johnnya2 reviewed Gregs Indy Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Decent place
    As a visitor to Indy I found this place to be a lot of fun. I went on a Friday night and arrived around 10 pm. I had a conversation with the bartender (around mid 50's) who explained what was going on at the bar, how the crowd picks up around 11 pm, then the dance part turns from country line dancing to pop modern music. Things I like: Friendly staff NON SMOKING High energy Friendly customers Things I did not like Did not accept credit cards- I would have spent more money had they accepted them. In 2011 all bars and restaurants should accept cards Parking- maybe there is a place, but it was not obvious to me Layout- As the place gets crowded, it is hard to move from one area to the other, and the crowded layout is responsible Overall, I would say 3.5 stars