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  • La Noche Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta
  • Antropology El Centro, Puerto Vallarta



  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed La Noche Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Pleasantly Surprised
    I had never even heard of this place before setting foot in it one night. The decorations are modern and trendy and most of the bartenders are very attractive. The prices are a bit steep but then again it's a martini bar. This is the place to go for some pre-drinks and conversation before heading to Manana a few blocks away.

  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed Antropology Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Nothing to write home about
    If you are in PV and miss this place don't fret. You are not missing much. The boys are cute but the place itself is mediocre. The strippers are distance and uninterested. They will play a great upbeat song followed by a slow ballad. For real? Plus we had to pay to get in. Woomp woomp. Skip it if you can unless you REALLY REALLY want to see naked boys.

  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good not great
    If you want to be in the center of all the action in PV this is the place, but be careful what you wish for. Me and my bf were the lucky ones to get a room on the top floor near the rooftop bar. BIG MISTAKE. Like clock work at 5pm every night came a loud gay 'thumpa, thumpa' music. We seriously could not catch a break from the music. And we are not two grumpy old men. We like to dance to some good loud music. But this was just too much. The hotel itself is in good condition. The water pressure is low and the elevator took forever, but those didn't ruin our experience. Just make sure if you want to catch a nap or break before heading out not to get a room on the upper floors. The hotel is right on the gay beach where much of the gay community and tourists end up on the weekends. The rooftop bar is also popular most nights with their drag show and male strippers. The strippers can get very, very personal if you catch my drift but a simple and polite 'No thanks' and they will leave you alone. You are within walking distance of most gay bars in town and I never felt unsafe drunk walking back to the hotel late at night. Overall good experience.

  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed Axel Hotel Barcelona Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Awesome Hotel.
    I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel. I was at first a bit concerned that I would have to deal with too much of the infamous gay attitude but found much of the guests and staff to be very friendly. Very diverse crowd from around the world (almost all spoke english) and staff was very helpful. Rooms were nice and clean and well maintained. Rooftop pool wasn't much to brag about but it got the job done. Location is great. In the heart of the gayborhood and within walking distance to Las Ramblas. Over all great stay!

  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed Metro Disco Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great time
    I actually enjoyed this club. It's not as hip or trendy as D'Boy but I think the clientele was much more down to earth and the music was better. Great mix of young and old, bears and twinks. Also, there is a 'dark room' near the bathrooms where 'anything' goes if you catch my drift. I would def. check this place out if you are in town.

  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed Busboys and Poets Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gay friendly, diverse place to eat.
    I love this place. It's good food and pretty cheap (for DC standards). Great place to check out if you are socially aware like many people in DC. Check their website for events related to book signings, musical acts,special speakers and poetry readings all while you are eating. Wide selection of food from around the world with standard American food also. Trendy decor and trendy staff who are politically aware give you an international experience in Washington.

  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed Cobalt / 30 Degrees Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Trendy DC lounge with small dancefloor.
    After Town, this is probably DC's second most favorite gay club. This place is located in beautiful old rowhouse/mansion near Dupont Circle. First floor (Level One) is a restaurant by day. Popular on weekends among the gays for brunch. The second floor is 30 Degrees. It's a lounge type place. People do end up dancing but it can get crowded very quickly so it may be hard to move. The third floor is called Cobalt and what locals mostly call the entire complex also. It's pretty dark and small but packs a lively, rowdy crowd. The bartenders are shirtless and HOT. Overall a fun place but attracts more of a attitude prone crowd than Town or Jr's which is down the street.

  • jmusmc85
    jmusmc85 reviewed Town Danceboutique Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best Bet
    This club will probably be your best bet in DC. It's huge, trendy and modern. The bottom floor offers drag shows Friday and Saturday night, while afterwards the second floor opens up for those who really love to dance. Usually a packed, diverse crowd. Second floor is home to internationally famous DJ's so check out the club's website for dates. Fridays is usually a younger crowd while Saturday is more older. Can't really go wrong.