Mikey Ain, 41M. A world-traveller, with a passion for the GLBT (LGBT) scene as it changes from City-to-City. An activist at heart, with a passion for connecting the queer world.

Toronto, Canada
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  • jetset27
    jetset27 reviewed Fly Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Party Boys, and late-night lovers
    FLY Nightclub has remained consistent for being the late-night party boy hangout. Toronto's gay club scene is limited for options, so FLY claims the prize as the place-to-be-seen (shirtless). Prepare to be searched on arrival. Great DJs, fun shows, and hot boys abound. Extended hours keep this venue kicking when other Toronto Village venues go to bed.

  • jetset27
    jetset27 reviewed Byzantium Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Martini's and Mayhem
    Byzantium has a great atmosphere and a hip-crowd. Sometimes it gets too crowded, as the venue is long and narrow. Drinks are pricey and the food is mediocre. But the DJs keep Byzantium one of the livelier venues on the strip, with a strong crowd of regulars returning. Great wine and martini selection --- if you don't mind navigating the crowd to get the bartenders attention.

  • jetset27
    jetset27 reviewed Woody's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A pillar in TO's history, and always something happening...
    From burly muscle men, to Toronto's best-known drag queens, Woody's / Sailors is a centre-piece of the Church & Wellesley area. Busiest on Thursday nights with the Best Chest contest. Mainly a "stand-and-pose" atmosphere, as historically Woody's was a CRUISE bar. Woody's is also a good meeting point, before heading out to other destinations on the strip