Jesse Jeffrey, 59.

Irving, Texas
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    jessenjeffrey reviewed Eagle Houston
    5 months ago

    Finally...a bar for MEN!!

    I am sure everyone has noted the continuous gentrification and watering down of the gay man's bar! We have lived a long and sometimes painful struggle finding our place and our acceptance in this world. We have all strived to be included in mainstream society...but I don't tthink any of us thought it meant the loss of the original gay man's bar! The Houston Eagle is a throwback to those wonderful dark, dimly lit watering holes of the glory days of gay MEN! While we love our lesbian sisters and our straight counterparts, when a man is looking for the company of other men, your resident twink's gal pal is not what you want peering over your shoulder when having a beer with another hot man asking "so dies that nipple ring hurt?" Twinks re-think!!! This bar is for the men and their admirers...take your buisness to South Beach! CALLING ALL MEN...WE ARE AT HOME!!!