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10 Loved Places


  • Black & White Chueca, Madrid
  • Room Mate Oscar Hotel Chueca, Madrid
  • Sobrino de Botín Huertas, Madrid
  • Andy Warhol Museum North Side, Pittsburgh
  • New Orleans Museum of Art Lakeview, New Orleans



  • jeffreyguard
    jeffreyguard reviewed Village Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    For a VERY specific type: Twenty-something with major femme energy.
    We walked, directly to the left was a huge TV screen showing Conchita Wurst signing. At a table were 6 or seven twenty something femme boi types all talking over one another in falsettos. The bartender was the classic bartender-escort-actor-whatever type. My husband ordered a whiskey and got barely a shot of it, that was drizzled over a ice cube. If hanging with 20 something gay men who skew super femme--THIS is your scene--you'll love it. If it's not you'll be scratching at the walls to leave. We subsequently found The Eagle--which is everything this bar is not. There was nothing inherently wrong with the place, it just did not appeal to any our our sensibilities.

  • jeffreyguard
    jeffreyguard reviewed Eagle Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great place for manly, average guys
    My husband and I went here, really liked it. The place was rugged with a very relaxing vibe. There's a lounge area to relax, drink and soak in the energy. There's also an extensive play area. The guys are average joes, older set of "regular" guys too. Definitely more on the masculine side.

  • jeffreyguard
    jeffreyguard reviewed Andy Warhol Museum Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Mecca for Warhol lovers
    The Andy Warhol museum not only lovingly captures and explores the life of Andy Warhol-a-, but is serves also a comprehensive retrospective of his life. It's inspiring and captures the life story of one of the most influential Gay Americans in the 20th century. Kudos to Pittsburgh for showing her native son so much love.

  • jeffreyguard
    jeffreyguard reviewed Room Mate Oscar Hotel Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Oscar Maté was full of really great surprises
    Hands-down during our two week stay in Spain, THIS hotel was far better than the Axel in Barcelona. The design is boutique modern, clean and efficient. We didn't have a view and did not mind as we were insulated from the street noise. Everything in our room had special thoughtful deign touch to it, like the glass headboard with floating lights. THE BED was so soft and inviting--and best of all the internet worked. What also makes it a stand out hotel is that it's in the heart, the epicenter of Chueca and within walking distance to all that is "en trend" in Cheuca. It's also equi-distant to the Chueca and Gran Via Metro stops. This is important, if you plan to shop on Gran Via you drop your load off at the hotel and if you plan to drink in the evening, everything is within walking distance. SUPER Convenient. For breakfast, skip the overpriced hotel breakfast and have a croissant and cappuccino at the cafe next door--you will not regret it. If you want more, El Tigre is a couple of doors down with gargantuan portions of tapas, beer or wine. I seriously cannot recommend this hotel enough. Oh, the staff, are also super cool and helpful.

  • jeffreyguard
    jeffreyguard reviewed Sobrino de Botín Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Traditional Spanish Cuisine for very high price
    The restaurant and the accompanying experience itself was not offensive. The staff was professional and old school and brought you back to 1947 and so did the food; it's traditional Spanish country cooking. Despite being the heart of modern Madrid, the ambiance is also country and rustic. And, although we were thrown into the bowels of the restaurant (I would have preferred being in the main dining rooms), the basement too, had its charms. The simple fact is this, you are paying a very high price to eat food that is not bad but by no means extraordinary, in the world's oldest restaurant. We paid €119 for appetizers, a bottle of wine and two entrees and two desserts--for that price I would have liked my socks to have been knocked off--they weren't. The great thing about Spain is that history is everywhere, you don't need to pay through the nose at the world's oldest restaurant for it. Additionally, if you are craving traditional Spanish country food, go to a small city where you will find some of the best wine and food you have ever tasted for a fraction of what you will pay at El Botin.

  • jeffreyguard
    jeffreyguard reviewed Black & White Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Drag Show is a night life must in Madrid
    It's worth going to see the Drag show, I mean how many spots in the world have storied history like Black & White--and it's a fun thing to do as a night activity. Show starts at 2:30-AM. However, with that said, there were so many rent boys there I was half-expecting a run-way show--and they are aggressive. So many young boys, not sure any of them were actually gay, it was just said--kind of felt like visiting the humane society. You wanted to take a lot of them home, feed and clothe them. That aside, the drag show is funny--a lot of Spanish, but a lot of physical comedy that if you don't speak spanish you can still enjoy. Drinks are moderately priced .€8 for a gin and tonic or orange juice and vodka. The prices go up as you select higher grade spirits.