50M. I'm a happily "married" (not quite literally, but soon) gay man living in San Francisco. My partner and I have two young kids and travel each year to Provincetown for the LGBT Family Week. It's an awesome event -- let us know if you're going! I work in the gay Internet "industry" (such as it is) and am very impressed by what Scott has built in GayCities. Very cool!

San Francisco, California
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  • Spiritus Pizza West End, Provincetown


  • jeffinsf
    jeffinsf reviewed Spiritus Pizza Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Disgustingly delicious
    I eat WAY too much Spiritus pizza eat year when I'm in P-town. It's cheap. It's greasy. It's super thin. It's probably terrible for you... but it tastes great and is irresistible.