James Galletta, 22FTM. Hey I'm James and im 19 years old. I live in Ottawa and I'm a Gay FTM transman currently getting ready to start the process. I love to read books, cuddle, have coffee and be social with one another. I do not judge, so by all means tell me anything! :)

Ottawa, Canada
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  • Venus Envy Village, Ottawa
  • Youth Services Bureau Ottawa
  • jaymanjames
    jaymanjames reviewed Youth Services Bureau Over a year ago
    Loves it

    YSB/BSJ - Very good service for Youth
    Likes: leniency towards your schedule and needs, staff here are great, they offer MANY services and resources for LGBT Youth in Ottawa and overall know how to treat clients with care. Dislikes: Some staff can be a bit harsh, sometimes people here (other clients) can talk about triggering things.

  • jaymanjames
    jaymanjames reviewed Venus Envy Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Penis Envy (lol inside joke)
    I'm an FTM and I'm in the middle of transitioning. You walk into the store, a staff member will greet you and ask if you need any help. You tell them what your needs and interests are and they accommodate you really greatly there. They have student discounts and the prices there are really decent.