Jamie Vaccaro , 47M. Married middle aged Mid-Westerner. Love to travel. Not too big on the club scene. I'm a Food and Beverage Executive with keen interest in beer, wine, spirits and ethnic eats.

Cleveland, Ohio
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  • jamman
    jamman reviewed Blake's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Attitude-not worth it.
    Went there last night. Bartender who started my tab couldn't take the time to tell me his beer selection. Literally just pointed at the empty bottles and waited. So, I had to walk around the bar to see. I decided to take up his time since he wouldn't shave any off mine. Interestingly enough the bartender without the best body was the one who was willing to talk and give really attentive service. Hmmmmmmm. So, a big thanks to him while we were there. The place cleared out when the drag show ended, and so did we. Met a fantastic lesbian bartender at 10 and then spent out money at the Eagle. Too many options in ATL for that nonsense. Ciao~won't be back!